Have you ever been cheated while using a credit card? Yes, experiencing fraud is frustrating. Credit card fraud is quite common, because credit cards can be used to buy expensive items and how to use them is easy. Based on this reality, you should always keep your credit card safe. There are so many credit card scams nowadays, and fraud by skimming is the number one fraud that most often occurs.

The skimming fraud process usually occurs because there are unscrupulous elements when you use a credit card when shopping. In the process, the ignorant person will swipe your credit card to the payment machine that is equipped with a skimmer. This allows the offender to get all personal information about your credit card so he can use it at will.

This is only one of the many modes of fraud that exist today. So all you have to do is always keep your credit card safe. This is how you do it.


1. Be Wary When Transacting

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When making a transaction, you must increase your vigilance, because when a card is swiped that’s the easiest time for fraud. Make sure you follow each transaction process carefully. Don’t let the cashier staff carry your credit cards without your attention. In order to maintain the security of your credit card, do not entrust your credit card to other people without your knowledge. Check every detail of the transaction process, if there is anything odd, don’t hesitate to ask about it to prevent fraud. Always be aware.


2. Don’t Easily Share Credit Card Data

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Shopping online is an easy way to shop, starting from the process of selecting goods that are simple to the payment process that is very concise. But you must be careful when shopping online using a credit card. Some online stores usually ask you to enter your credit card data to be able to make payments using a credit card. Before providing these data, you must be sure that the online store is not a fake shop because by having your credit card data, they can easily use it for other transactions. Pay attention to the reputation of the store before making a transaction.


3. Thorough Before Paying Bills

Paying Bills

Every month, you will get your credit card bill based on all transactions made during the month. Sometimes many people don’t want to bother checking bills so they just pay without being researched first. This habit can make you a victim of fraud. It is better to be careful before paying the bill and immediately report it to the bank if there is a suspicious transaction. In addition, save every proof of transaction that you have done, so that it can be compared with the amount of the bill. Saving proof of transactions is troublesome, but you must be willing to do it if you do not want to be cheated. Do this carefully and you can avoid fraud.


4. Credit Card Signs

Credit Card Signs

Each credit card has a white back that actually needs to be signed to maintain card security, but unfortunately there are still many people who don’t. Many people consider it unimportant because they do not understand its usefulness. Therefore, if you do not want to experience fraud yourself, immediately sign your credit card. If there is already a signature on your card, then the credit card is legitimate already yours.


5. Unused Card Scissors

Every credit card has a validity period and if it has passed its date, then the card can no longer be used. But even so, to prevent use by fraudsters, you should cut out the card and destroy it. This method is the most effective way to prevent the card from falling into the wrong hands and being used by other persons who will harm you.


6. Use the PIN Number

pIN Number

Now, Cream Bank has provided another facility to increase credit card security, by using a pin number. Previously, in making a transaction, you only needed to sign the transaction receipt, but now you can use your PIN to do it. By using the PIN on your credit card, you are actually becoming more concise in the transaction process and also certainly more secure.


Keep Finances Safe

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By following the 6 ways above, you can keep your credit card safe, but when you have a credit card, there are other things that you must also protect. What is that? You have to take care of your finances. The convenience provided by a credit card can make you forget yourself and forget your financial capabilities so that eventually it slumps. So remember, credit cards do have to be safe, but don’t forget your financial security.

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